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Serena Milada


Master of Science, Bachelor of Education, Psychologist, Tantra Teacher, School of Shakti graduate, but above all: Woman.

Being a Woman in today’s society can feel like both the greatest blessing or the biggest curse. And which one it is, is completely up to how you choose to relate to being a Woman.

When I was 21 years old I had been going through a period of not recognizing myself anymore, feeling numb all the time and experiencing a wild range of physical discomforts on a daily basis. I knew something had to radically change, so I decided to get off the pill and start learning about natural birth control. I had no idea how to prevent pregnancy and was scared for what was to come, but I just knew I had to do it.

What followed was a journey of almost a decade of learning about the female cycle and diving deep into tantra and self-development, in order to get to know my body better. Combining all scientific knowledge there was to find about the female body and the female cycle with my experience in tantra radically changed my life. I now LOVE my cycle, I feel empowered by her, I love my body and am able to follow her natural rhythm even in today’s crazy society.

I went from feeling alienated from both my own body and the world, to feeling deeply connected to both. By befriending both my strengths and my challenges, my gifts and my shadows, I am now living a live filled with joy, adventure and gratitude.

My mission is for every Woman to feel empowered, confident and alive, and to see herself as the actual Goddess she is: Shakti embodied.

I give trainings about the female cycle, private coaching, and tantra workshops, all with the goal to make Women feel empowered and excited to live another day in this crazy, but beautiful world.