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Rose Ayuna



I’m Rose ayuna
Catalyst for feminine awakening | socio therapist | dancer | writer | passionate world traveler

I help women create a life beyond their wildest dreams. Reclaim their power and live a life full of joy, pleasure, abundance, and freedom.

If you have been following me for a while you know that I travel a lot and that I share openly about my personal life experiences online. In my journey around the world, I meet many people. When they ask me about what I do, I tell them I create online courses for women about how to create a life beyond their wildest dreams. I tell them I do this while traveling the world and living a life full of joy, pleasure, abundance, and freedom. And then, of course, they usually ask me: but how do you it?????

& I tell them that in my life experience I’ve found a few things to be true:

We are the creator of our lives.
Pleasure & joy is our natural state of being.
Anything is possible. ​

I worked as a socio-therapist & coach for long hours in stressful environments. At the same time I was taking care of my sick mother who nearly died from a rare disease and was saved by a double lung transplant. I decided that I was done with living a 9-5 life and taking care of others and created a life fulfilled by my deepest dreams. My academic journey ended and my spiritual one started: a journey around the world and many courses in tantra, dance, conscious relating, yoga, breathwork, meditation, sacred sexuality, astrology, etc.

But life wasn’t always like this for me. I realize very well that I am privileged as a white woman from the west. That being said, there is also another side to my story. When growing up I felt unsafe many times. I took the role of an adult at a very young age. There were neglect, abuse, addiction, depression, and chronic illness in my family. I healed myself from deep trauma. I grew up with an abandonment wound. Yes, I had parents that deeply loved me, but couldn’t always offer me the safe haven that a child should have.

It was then that I learned to trust my intuition and my deeper knowing above anything else. It was then that I learned to truly celebrate life. Nothing would stop me anymore from living the life of my dreams, so I decided to leave everything behind and do what I always dreamed of doing. Travel the world and create my own business while living in paradise.

Little did I know while choosing this new life, a journey of profound healing of my childhood wounding would start as well. One day I went to Peru to work with children on the street and my whole life changed.

I made a choice. This time is for me and nobody is going to stop me. I will heal myself and give myself everything I never had and everything I dreamed of. And so I did.

And now I am deeply passionate about helping other women to live in this blissful state.

There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing a flower bloom and I want every woman to experience how amazing this life can be.

I will give you the tools, wisdom, and practices that helped me become the woman I am today.

If you commit to doing the work, 100 % you are going to experience massive transformation in your life.

Sure that sounds amazing, but will it work for me?

The very reason that you are even asking this means that you haven’t decided to go fully in on your dreams.

Lets change this now.