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Hermine Schoneveld

Priestess work, Self love, Sexuality

The mystery of being a woman has occupied me for years and I have longed to deepen it. From 1992 I have followed courses in Massage, Bodywork, Cranio Sacral therapy, Holistic Pulse training, Light body, Tarot, Primal dance, Five rhythms dance and Tantra.
It became a road full of challenges and learning experiences. I have come to follow the path of initiation of Priestess and recognized many of the ancient traditions of women’s wisdom.

During my Vision Quest in 2007 I saw in a vision that I can bring Sacred Sexuality back to Earth. In the rituals I found back what I lost: restoring the connection with my source of power and my body. That connection awakens zest for life, vitality and the ability to live from that source. I follow my desire for even more openness and love.

Via Shamanism, Tao, energy work and various Temple training courses
I started the Sacred Sexuality training in 2016.